Example of well-written apartment rental ad and common mistakes in real estate ads

Are you not tired of always seeing the same real estate descriptions on real estate websites? Today we explain in the blog of University Town Islamabad the most common mistakes when writing the real estate ads and we show you an example of an apartment rental ad aimed at highlighting the property that you advertise with a description that attracts attention and drives to contact.

Why should you take care of the rental ad for an apartment?

It is not nonsense. As you will see in the example throughout this entry, there are cases that almost make us cry. Ads in capital letters on their pages, phrases that say nothing, incomplete or erratic texts, are just some of the pearls we have found. Do you want this to be the first impact a customer receives?

Do not lose a potential customer before contacting you!

The photos complement the rental announcement

Texts are not always enough. For instance if you are to advertise a house for sale in Islamabad we recommend you always with images at your height. Follow these small advertising tips to photograph real estate:

·         Always take the day photos

This is how those interested want to see the house.

·         Wait for a clear day

Cloudy days or sunset dye the light of a yellowish tone that is not attractive.

·         Eliminate all superfluous detail in kitchens and bathrooms

Potential buyers or tenants do not want to see the teachings of others, only cleared surfaces.

·         Photograph the details

If a faucet or an appliance is in good condition, do not hesitate to take a detailed picture. Remember that a home is also a sensation, an environment, which is transmitted in those details.

·         No more empty stays

One of the principles of Home Staging, refers to empty homes that prevent visitors from getting an idea of ​​what their life would be like in them. Follow this same principle when taking photographs for real estate and avoid empty properties.

·         Turn off the flash

If the room does not have enough natural lighting, turn to the artificial one. Turn on all that is possible to avoid having to activate the flash, which will only be able to reflect in mirrors and windows, producing a very unpleasant effect.

·         No one in the photos

This last recommendation is also based on another of the techniques of Home Staging , depersonalize. The idea is that most people are reluctant to see images or documents that remind people who live there. The key to professional images that invite you to contact is to avoid personal items and of course, see the owners or other people in them.

Example of well-written apartment rental ad and the most common mistakes in the ads

After investigating a little online, we have detected different errors in real estate ads. We will present the most common we have found and an example of a well-written ad.

Texts with capital letters

It is not necessary to search a lot to find numerous writing errors, such as the most flagrant we have seen: write all the text in capital letters.

We want to think that the will of the real estate agent is to try to impact the reader and get their attention. However, we must be aware that there are rules on the internet, which although not written, everyone has assumed.

This is the case of capital letters, which we automatically translate for important information. The problem arises when this practice is abused, writing entire texts in capital letters. How to distinguish what is important from what is not, if we write all the text like this?

Pay attention to the professionals and a good real estate marketing agency like Sky Marketing and always remember to reserve the capital letters for what they serve.

Phrases made

“Excellent apartment of 65 m2 in an unbeatable area”. Does it sound to you It is a phrase that is repeated again and again in real estate ads. The result is that in the end, they all look alike and none stand out above the others.

To solve this problem, we recommend that you take a moment in each ad. Think about what makes that particular home unique. Its location, its price, its space? Highlight that quality and start writing from there.

Incomplete phrases in rental ads

It is another very typical mistake that we want to avoid. It is usually committed more frequently by individuals, although internet real estate companies do not always detail their ads well.

To not forget anything, follow this little script:

  • Number of rooms.
  • Number of bathrooms
  • Type of housing (floor, chalet, attic).
  • Characteristics of the house (floor, windows, entrance door, appliances, a / c, etc).
  • The environment (if it is in urbanization which includes, such as swimming pool, physical doorman, etc …).
  • The location (near schools, shops, subway, bus, etc …).
  • Conditions of sale / rental.
  • In case of rent, the conditions that are requested. And all this, written in the most professional and attractive way possible, do not forget it. An ad has to fulfill several functions. The first is to communicate all the necessary data. The second, to invite to action, so an announcement would not be complete if we did not include some phrases encouraging readers to call or contact to request more information.

Bad copywriting in ads

The case that illustrates this error is quite extreme, due to the bad writing and the total absence of order in the enumeration of the characteristics of the house.

Example of a badly written apartment rental ad:

So you can see how an ad can be improved, we have taken this same announcement and put it in the hands of a professional copywriter. You see the difference?

Example of well-written apartment rental ad:

“Available furnished exterior housing of 120 m2. It has all the necessary amenities; garage for one car, swimming pool, green areas, paddle and gym.

It has two bedrooms, kitchen with appliances, two bathrooms (one of them en suite), and dressing room. Luxury finishes, such as smooth paint, air conditioning, heat pump, armored door, floating floor, marble bathrooms, video intercom, built-in wardrobes dressed in drawers and double glazed windows.